You don't really want to be looking here.. I'm the boring one in this crew.


I was born and raised in New York, and made my way to the land of milk and cheeseheads following a girl I met online

John and Anne

Yup... it's one of those stories and 20+ years later, it's still one of those stories.

I enjoy good espresso, moonlit nights and long walks on the bea.... just kidding

except for the espresso part.. I meant that


I have degrees in Music Performance and Education (that I don't use) and I'm the resident IT guy, google savant, nerd, and techno god(so I've been told)

I'm the behind the scenes guy for most of this, maintaining websites, cleaning lasers, fixing the computers and I sometimes get to the 3d printer and have some fun.

They do all the work, I just make it go



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